Conservation and Preservation Framing

If paintings or photography are not properly framed in a conservation manner, there is the potential the art will fade. yellow, stain, causing irreparable damage and loss of value and beauty. Preservation framing protects the integrity and value

Conservation or preservation framing is a method of picture framing that preserves and protects artwork. We ensure that all of the material used in our custom framing and matting will not cause harm to the artwork, and will, as much as possible, protect the artwork from physical damage.

Our professional picture framer is trained in the latest and proper techniques /materials for preservation framing. With our custom picture framing your artwork will last a lifetime.

At Twin Oaks Gallery Art & Frame, we are proud to present you with the highest quality materials by the world’s leading providers of museum-quality frames, mats, and glass. Available in a variety of textures and colors, we offer mats that are designed to trap airborne pollutants that help preserve your valuable pieces of art. We also offer a variety of glass and acrylic to preserve your artwork by blocking up to 99% of the UV light rays that can result in your fading and deterioration over time. In addition, we can provide you with glass option that have the lowest level of light reflection possible, providing you with the best clarity, allowing you to see your art the way it was meant to be seen.