Refinished Alexsandra Babic

Refinished Alexsandra Babic
This piece came into the gallery to be framed but needing some help. The sealer used on this Oil on Pressboard piece from the 1960s was peeling and scratched.


Alexsandra Babic artist extraordinaire, Besides her skills as an accomplished artist, she is also trained in restoration. As you can see, she does amazing work.


The owner of the art and I decided on the frame, design and style so I could build the frame before Alexsandra started on her restoration. Not a lot was going to change with the possible exception the colors could be more vibrant. This did happen but was considered in the original concept and as you can see, the frame is perfect!


I received the newly restored art back into the gallery on Tuesday by the owner. I told him if he’d like, I would have it ready in about an hour. He was delighted and was back in less than an hour to take it home.


Click here to see more of Alexsandra Babic’s work, it is currently on exhibit at the DeBilzen Gallery in Laguna Beach .

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