Best color palettes for your home

A recent article on incorporating different color palettes to achieve a mid-century modern look in your own space inspired us to interview some of our featured artists to get insight on their motivation for us of colors in some of their pieces.

Barbara Hafner La Petite Bateaux 

I love creating the calm, ethereal feeling of these boats in calm waters.

Maxine Gillilan FantasyForest III

I was originally inspired to do this painting by looking through my boxes of colored pencils. but instead I used oils. I’ve created this piece several different times and of course, it’s always different but always colorful creating glowy, high contrast pieces.

Roni Sumer Rhythm and Blooms

This impressionistic painting depicts the rhythm of nature and color. It is a delicate weaving of blossoms through rhythm. It leads the viewer through it in a relaxed and peaceful manner. On the first reflection you may see the blossoms with air currents flowing over and around them. The next time it could be a gentle rain that steadily nurtures their growth. Or, it may just be the rhythm of nature herself.

Roni Sumer Movement In Blues

In this piece I tried to capture rhythm and movement through texture. The colors flow into each other changing depth and tones with each new angle viewed with the passing light.



60×48 Oil

Pin Up:

Number 4  of 5 in my series ‘Fem Divine’.  Pin Up is a nod to the past when it was considered sexy for women to be soft and curvy, and as with each painting in this series the exaggerated shoulders represent the incredible strength of women, which is not always apparent on the outside.


40×30 Acrylic & Oil


I almost always name my paintings after I paint them.  I wait until something springs to mind that fits the spirit of the piece.  Frizzantebrought up memories of drinking prosecco in Italy.  A happy bubbly memory, indeed.

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